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Zychowicz Skeldon Ltd. has earned a reputation as one of the top auto accident law firms in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We have done so by representing clients who have been in an auto accident, truck accident or motorcycle accidents aggressively, honestly and with integrity. With a front line of experienced attorneys, supported by friendly, knowledgeable staff and backed by a network of independent experts and respected professionals, Zychowicz Skeldon Ltd. is dedicated to securing the full compensation you deserve for an auto accident, truck or motorcycle accident that was not your fault or a loved one’s death that could have been prevented.

Do I need a Toledo car accident lawyer?
If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Ohio or Michigan, you may be asking yourself, “How do I know if I need a car accident lawyer?” Having the right car accident lawyer will make a big difference in protecting your legal rights. You can also rest assured that an experienced car accident lawyer will bring you higher settlements, to cover your losses, pain, and suffering. Call the caring attorneys at Zychowicz Skeldon Ltd. for a free consultation, toll-free at 419.842.1166.

Why hiring an experienced truck accident attorney in Toledo is critical
In order to protect your rights following a truck accident, you will need a lawyer who has experience in truck accidents. Trucking companies and lawyers who are experienced in protecting truckers and trucking companies have significant resources that they will apply to prevent them from paying for your losses. They are responsible for maintaining their vehicles, restricting the number of hours they drive and other measurable data that an experienced truck accident lawyer can collect and use to apply in favor of your case. Trucking companies often employ rapid response teams that arrive at the scene of a serious truck crash within hours, aiming to minimize damaging evidence. It is critical that you contact an experienced truck accident lawyer to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of. Call Zychowicz Skeldon, Ltd. at 419.842.1166.

Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers
The relatively low initial cost of purchasing a motorcycle coupled with fuel efficiency is leading more and more people to purchase motorcycles as their chosen means of transportation. Motorcycles have every right to share the road with other motor vehicles and can do so safely when the laws of the road are followed.
Ohio motorcycle accidents can present special challenges for crash victims and their lawyers. Our Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers know the rules of the road and can help you if you are injured in a motorcycle accident. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan or Ohio, please contact our office toll-free at or locally at 419.842.1166.

Industrial and Construction Accidents
Mr. Zychowicz has over 30 years’ experience helping worker’s injured on the job. He works with attorneys who handle the workers’ compensation portion of the case to seek compensation BEYOND those benefits. Work comp benefits are LIMITED and pain and suffering compensation and other damages are not available. Oftentimes there is a liability in a third party, not the employer, who is liable for the accident. These parties must pay pain and suffering and other damages. This is a complex area requiring unique skill with large investments of money and time. Zychowicz has been involved in some of the largest and most important cases in Ohio and Michigan in this area. He has also lectured widely in this area. Mr. Zychowicz had also handled numerous cases injuries which occurred on the job at construction sites, again, oftentimes huge awards are awardable beyond mere workers compensation benefits.  You need an attorney trained in pursuing these benefits and awards.

Our clients are our best advocates
We invite you to read client testimonials or watch videos from real auto accident victims whose lives we helped change.  Click here to read more 
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While auto accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents make up the majority of our practice, we can also help you with all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases.
Whether you were hurt in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or if you were injured in another way, our expert personal injury lawyers can help you secure significant compensation for your injuries.